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ReKlayMe health and wellness invite you to come in and experience a warm, comforting, and peaceful, modern medical spa. We offer personalized services  that are designed to help you achieve your optimal health and wellness goals and regain control of your inner-self and your natural beauty.

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ReKlayMe IV Nutrition

ReKlayMe IV Nutrition

IV therapy assists in sending fluids directly into your bloodstream by administering medications and nutrients intravenously. This increases the body’s fluid volume and begins to hydrate you immediately. 

IV nutrient therapy is an efficient way to boost overall health throughout the immune system and bring energetic support to the entire body.

IV nutrient therapy is commonly used for its variety of health benefits,  which can  include:

  • anti-aging
  • improved immune system
  • minimized anxiety
  • reversed symptoms of hangovers and more.


We offer a variety of  Aesthetic procedures, which include :

  • Botox
  • Fillers
  • Micro-Needling

These  procedures are all noninvasive treatments that  are designed to make you look more beautiful and feel more youthful.

Health and Wellness

ReKlayMe health and wellness program is designed to promote  healing to the entire body so that you can thrive. Our program provides:

  • Medical weight loss
  • Post surgical wound management
  • Minor medical health consultation

Weight loss can help reduce health risks and promote quality of life. By assisting clients with their physical health, we also aim to increase their mental health and their overall wellbeing.  

ReKlayMe IV Nutrition

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ReKlayMe’s focus is to assist clients regain health and wellness in their mind and body. Through innovative and renewed techniques for common cosmetic and wellness practices, ReKlayMe is helping you reclaim You!

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IV Nutrition Therapy

IV Nutrition Therapy



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